tisdag 5 november 2019

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måndag 4 november 2019

Review: Drip Feed - Killer!

Drip Feed - Killer! 7"
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Elände Records

Drip Feed are as good as always and arguably one of Sweden's most interesting bands. I just love their attitude and their energy is unbeatable. "Killer" is their third EP in three years and I'm longing for a full-length album big time. These two songs are absoluely awesome but I feel that I need more than just two songs at a time. 

In my previous reviews I have compared Drip Feed with bands such as The Exploited and The Casualties and I still think it's a good reference. But their insolent and lovely unpolished sound also brings a couple of japanese streetpunk bands to mind. There's no need to put Drip Feed into specific compartments, this is just pure, honest and raw punk straight from the heart of the streets.    

"Killer" demands to be played loudly. That's how you'll get the most out of it. So if you like high energy punk with good rock and roll riffs, be smart, hurry up and order this EP because there's only 100 copys made. I promise that you won't be disappointed. Oh! I almost forgot to mention the vocals which are so important to how it sounds. Ville's voice are so desperate with a distorted feeling just like the music overall.

onsdag 30 oktober 2019

Review: Spökstan - Hål i betongen

Spökstan - Hål i betongen 
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A Message To You Records

It's been a while since Spökstan released their latest EP "Hej Kompis". It was actually five years ago. So it was about time that a new release saw the light of day. "Hål i betongen" is their first album and they prove that their material works fine not just on an EP but as an album as well. Spökstan which means Ghost Town are one of the most interesting skaband from Sweden for a very long time. 

Their sound is a result of a mishmash from different styles and different eras. And it's impressive that they keep it all together. It's a mix of british twotone, swedish 80's skamusic and modern reggae. I could refer to a variety of bands for days but I think that all in all they're pretty much close to the american ska band The Toasters. They both challenge the classic ska style and dare to experiment. 

This record contains several potential hit songs but I prefer the more up-tempo songs like "Kniven mot strupen", "Skeva vida värld" and "Parasit". The lyrics are in Swedish but I think that Spökstan works fine even if you just want to dance to nice backbeat music. And nice backbeat music is just what you will get, 12 songs where the last two are live recorded and a running time of 40 minutes. 

måndag 21 oktober 2019

Interview: The Backstreet Abortions

I found The Backstreet Abortions from UK at Instagram and they aroused my interest very fast. I had to listen, and wow... all of a sudden I've got a new favorite band. The mix of pure punkrock and classic anarcho punk makes me overwhelmed. 

Hi, please start with an introduction of the band

Hello we are The Backstreet Abortions! Me Jesse on vocals Biff on guitar , Kev on drums , and Les on Bass 

How would you describe your music? Can you try to pick 3 bands that you’ve been influenced by and explain why?  

I guess we are punk rock. Biff writes the music to fit my lyrics most of the time. Devo who’s message and sound is a big influence on me and how I look at things, Motörhead I have been into as long as I can remember. Angry Samoans and the Exploited short to the point songs influence the way I write lyrics. There is so many bands and hip hop artists that mean the world to me , but the way our music sounds I would say those three have more of an influence.

You are obviously pro-choice and pro-abortions, what is the public opinion about that in England? 

I am from the US but have lived in the UK last 17 years, I have had an Abortion in both countries. There was a very big difference, in the Uk they are free and easy access , as it should be. In America not as easy and now getting harder as you see on the news, I am worried for girls back home in the States. That’s why I started to write lyrics. 

How come that you focus a lot on this question? Are you involved in any compounds as well or do you just stick to the music and to express your thoughts that way? 

I think it’s the most important thing in the world not being forced to breed. Abortion is freedom. I wouldn’t be happy or where I am today if I was forced to have those unwanted pregnancies. 

This is of course a question about women’s rights, can you feel that the society are heading in the right direction even though we’re far from being equal? 

I have always felt I was equal even if I’m not in some peoples eyes. No one is going to stop me from doing what I want to do. I feel that if we really want to attack the people that keep women down we should start with religion. 

Well back to the music, God’s a pig was released in 2018, what are your plans for the future when it comes to new records and music? 

We have some new songs we are working on, two already in the set. The rest of the band are also in The Varukers, last year was really busy  for  them. This year we will have some time to do stuff. 

What do you think about the UK punk scene today? Any bands you will recommend? 

It’s great super friendly everyone looks out for each other.  Butcher Baby,  Circle None, Overload and the Blue Carpet Band are some great newer bands

tisdag 15 oktober 2019

Review: Flyktsoda Fanzine #28

Flyktsoda Fanzine #28 
52 pages, A5

Flyktsoda is one of the last remaining paper zines hailing from Sweden. And the quality is top notch. Johan the editor has been in the fanzine business since the 90's and really knows how to create an interest in the bands he writes about. The interviews in this issue consists of: Skrammel, Smierc, Grå Vardag, Signal Crimes, Wolf Hour/Döda Katten Podcast, Radar and the exellent label Second Class Kids Records. 

In addition to the interviews there are also reviews and some interesting articles. One is written by Johan himself about his band that celebrates 20 years. Another one is about Jello Biafra post-Dead Kennedys. Flyktsoda provides lot's of good reading as always. 

Flyktsoda is written in Sweden, intended for swedish readers but I can really recommend it to all bands, labels and everyone else who's involved in the DIY/punk scene for promotion, reviews etc. It's so impressive that Johan keeps his enthusiasm up for the DIY scene. 
This issue of Flyktsoda also comes with a bonus CD from Second Class Kids Records. It's a copy of Lastkaj 14 - Becksvart from 2017. Lastkaj 14 is one of the most prominent swedish bands around playing melodic punk. So that's not a bad bonus at all. 

lördag 12 oktober 2019

Review: Belta 53 - Om du faller

Belta 53 - Om du faller CD
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Self Released

This is without a doubt the best release from Belta 53 so far. I would describe their earlier style as some kind of punk influenced alternative rock but this record is stuffed with nice melodic pop punk. I was hoping years ago that they would choose this path so I am very satisfied. 

The lyrics are good as always  and especially "En kväll i augusti" which is about the tragic murder of the homeless Romanian guy Gica who lived in a park in Sweden. A stunning rock ballad with lot's of feelings. It's actually a candidate for the best ballad of the year. 

There is something special with female fronted bands and Jojo has a voice that fits perfect to the music. It doens't matter if it's a fast or slow song, she makes it perfect all the time. It's easy to try to comparing other female singers but I can't think of anyone else that sounds like Jojo. 

Belta 53 have their own sound which is pretty Swedish in some way. That's why it's hard to compare them with other bands from around the world. But I would say there's small parts from bands such as Descendents and New Found Glory. But still very Swedish. Anyway, there's lot's of good rock n roll riffs and melodies and the opening song "Fri" is probably the best song they've ever done. 

onsdag 9 oktober 2019

Reveiw: Pank - Demo

Pank - Demo 
Links: Bandcamp
Self Released

Pank is yet another new swedish band consisting of two very young guys, this wave of kids playing punk gives me hope for the future. This is their first demo which I guess is recorded the old school way in the rehearsal room. The sound isn't very good and the lack of a bass player is obvious, but they're actually looking for one at the moment. 

But anyhow, the sound makes me pretty nostalgic, this is how it sounded when I took my first chords with my band in the early 90's. It is so charming and this is what punk once was all about, the fact that everyone can play. 

When it comes to the music I would compare Pank with oldschool anarcho-punk bands. The musical structure isn't far from a band such as Crass. If it is by purpose or because they are beginners doesn't really matter. This is just pure punkrock with a pissed attitude and without following any rules. I love it. The running time of the 4 songs is around 8 minutes and I enjoy every second. My feeling is that Pank will be a bad ass band in the future after some more practice.