måndag 4 november 2019

Review: Drip Feed - Killer!

Drip Feed - Killer! 7"
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Elände Records

Drip Feed are as good as always and arguably one of Sweden's most interesting bands. I just love their attitude and their energy is unbeatable. "Killer" is their third EP in three years and I'm longing for a full-length album big time. These two songs are absoluely awesome but I feel that I need more than just two songs at a time. 

In my previous reviews I have compared Drip Feed with bands such as The Exploited and The Casualties and I still think it's a good reference. But their insolent and lovely unpolished sound also brings a couple of japanese streetpunk bands to mind. There's no need to put Drip Feed into specific compartments, this is just pure, honest and raw punk straight from the heart of the streets.    

"Killer" demands to be played loudly. That's how you'll get the most out of it. So if you like high energy punk with good rock and roll riffs, be smart, hurry up and order this EP because there's only 100 copys made. I promise that you won't be disappointed. Oh! I almost forgot to mention the vocals which are so important to how it sounds. Ville's voice are so desperate with a distorted feeling just like the music overall.