tisdag 15 oktober 2019

Review: Flyktsoda Fanzine #28

Flyktsoda Fanzine #28 
52 pages, A5

Flyktsoda is one of the last remaining paper zines hailing from Sweden. And the quality is top notch. Johan the editor has been in the fanzine business since the 90's and really knows how to create an interest in the bands he writes about. The interviews in this issue consists of: Skrammel, Smierc, Grå Vardag, Signal Crimes, Wolf Hour/Döda Katten Podcast, Radar and the exellent label Second Class Kids Records. 

In addition to the interviews there are also reviews and some interesting articles. One is written by Johan himself about his band that celebrates 20 years. Another one is about Jello Biafra post-Dead Kennedys. Flyktsoda provides lot's of good reading as always. 

Flyktsoda is written in Sweden, intended for swedish readers but I can really recommend it to all bands, labels and everyone else who's involved in the DIY/punk scene for promotion, reviews etc. It's so impressive that Johan keeps his enthusiasm up for the DIY scene. 
This issue of Flyktsoda also comes with a bonus CD from Second Class Kids Records. It's a copy of Lastkaj 14 - Becksvart from 2017. Lastkaj 14 is one of the most prominent swedish bands around playing melodic punk. So that's not a bad bonus at all. 

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