torsdag 3 oktober 2019

Review: F.I.L - Wake Up

F.I.L - Wake Up (CD)
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First In Line (F.I.L.) were formed back in 1988 and played for 12 years before they quit. Eight years later they reunited the band and now is their new record "Wake Up" released. And what a record, it is totally brilliant. Fast-paced without any frills just like Gorilla Biscuits and similar bands who play fast and pretty aggressive hardcore. I hadn't heard F.I.L before so I was pleasantly surprised but not amazed since their hometown Linköping has a great history of hardcore. 

I really prefer this kind of straight on NYHC without breakdowns and chug-chuggin'. I guess their influences comes from the BYO Records and Revelation Records bands. And F.I.L are just as good as those bands. Everything is perfect in my opinion, the melodies, the vocals and the lyrics which focuses on equality in different topics. This record contains seven songs and the running time is just over ten minutes, high class hardcore!

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