söndag 29 september 2019

Review: Sopdykarna - Svinens afton

Sopdykarna – Svinens afton CD
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Because of the silly band name which obvious sounds better in english (Trash Divers) I actually expected the band to be very young. Therefore it got pretty weird when the music kicked off. With a mix between hardcore and punkrock and a singer who squeezes out guttural sounds... I really don’t get it, although it makes it stand out very much. Unfortunately in a negative way, after all I'm not a fan of this singing style. 

But I don’t want to write Sopdykarna down totally because it gets better and better for each time I play the record. I really appreciate the music and the lyrics are good as well. That makes the foundation both solid and interesting for the future. And I must say that I am curious which path they will choose. There is a grindcore part in the last song "En vidrig morgon" where the vocals fits much better. And I think although it's not grindcore that Sopdykarna can attract those fans. I am not overwhelmed but they still managed to arouse my interest. Give them a chance. 

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