torsdag 19 september 2019

Interview: The Nilz (Ireland)

Hi The Nilz, please introduce the band

Hi I'm Eddie Nil, vocals & all round Gimp. On bass we have Chris Dahmner, drums Backdoor Gary and on guitar Scaley Dick

What was the plans and ideas when you formed the band?

I'm not sure there was much of a plan but the idea of forming the band probably came about through our want of something more exciting for Irish Punk, there was no band that really excited us, there where & are really good bands but no one as edgy or exciting as us live, thats being very honest not arrogant 

How would you describe your sound and is there any special bands that have influenced you? 

I've always thought its up to others to describe what sound we have, I think when you're as close to it as we are your perception can be skewed somewhat, as regards Influence we have tons. I think the major influences we have are The Dwarves, Refused, The Bronx & obviously Turbonegro

You are from Dublin, what can you say about the local punk scene?

It's not really a movement if you don't move, we have some terrific bands in Dublin but crowds tend to be a little subdued, I'll admit it is getting much better though we've recently had a few crazy gigs

You have this project called Buddycore, what is that about? 

Buddycore was set up to really create a DIY network around Ireland so we could bring bands from around the country to Dublin and in turn send bands from Dublin to different collectives around the country that we are connected to, we've branched out in recent years to bring bands such as Zooparty, Existenz & The Headlines from Sweden plus a few bands now from Germany, it also means we get to go gig in those countries, we also set it up to give the younger bands somewhere to cut their teeth and get involved as well, we're not total degenerates, well...

Your music videos are very spectacular, what is the thoughts behind them?  Would you say that the videos describe you as a band? 

We've always loved making videos but have always been of the mindset that they should be either funny or make you uncomfortable in someway while watching them, we did one video where it's just clips from one of our performances, that one is probably my least favourite as its in no way esoteric or disgusting, we love a bit of filth

What plans do you have for the future?

After this years Buddyfest (which is a 2 day gig we run each year) we're going to take a break from gigging for about 6 months or so, to write & record our debut album, we have a lot of it written at this point but we've been quite busy this year gigging so we need some time to work on them, after thats recorded we hope to come back to Sweden for a couple of gigs with our good mates Existenz

Is there anything you want to add?

Do drugs, Eat Ass, Die fast

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