tisdag 17 september 2019

Review: Bleak Outlook DC - Kontrapunk

Bleak Outlook DC - Kontrapunk (CD)
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Bleak Outlook DC from Eskilstuna in Sweden have recently released a new CD ”Kontrapunk”. The usual opinion is that a band is never as good as their first record but BODC are different. They just get better and better. It has been fantastic to follow the band and see how their development curve continues to point straight up.  

BODC can be compared to all the classic bands from the british 77-wave, like UK Subs, Menace and SLF but they have their own characteristic sound which contains a bit of darkness, something you can hear in ”The World Is A Dangerous Place”. But despite that the music is catchy and offers some sing-a-long parts. 

Kontrapunk contains of 14 tracks where 9 are previously unreleased. 4 of the tracks were featured on their EP ”Knowledge is bliss”. One of the best songs on this record must be ”Leaders of men”, it’s a song who is significant with the sound of Bleak Outlook DC with strong choruses, nice melodies and thoughtful lyrics. This is high quality punkrock and 30 well invested minutes. Even the last song ”Be my enemy” which is a cover by The Waterboys works very well. I really want to recommend this song for all lovers of pure punkrock.  

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