fredag 20 september 2019

Review: Brainwasher - Procrustean Bed

Brainwasher – Procrustean Bed (Tape)
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I have to admit right from the start that I’m not an expert when it comes to grindcore. Despite of that it is a genre that affects me in a positive way.  It all started when I heard Nasum for the first time and their songs on the compilation Really Fast Vol.9 from 1994. It was like a fist right between my eyes. Then it continued with the almighty Assück which is a band I still listen to every now and then.

But well, this is Brainwasher from Sweden and the tape Procrustean Bed which contains eight tracks. It didn’t took me a long time to like them. I almost demand that grindcore has to be well played and not too noisy, and I think that Brainwasher fulfill my requirements. Of course there are some noisy elements but those elements should actually be there. Let’s move on to one of the best thing about Brainwasher – the vocals, which are totally brutal and the lack of growling makes me delighted. There’s actually no need for growling with a voice like this.

One band that has influenced Brainwasher are Repulsion which can be heard clearly. Im so grateful that they stay on the right side of the border between punk/hc and metal. The running time on this tape is ten minutes divided in 8 tracks. The production isn’t 100% crispy but that is something who make the fist between my eyes even more effective.

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