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UNDERGROUND EUROPE dates back to 2015 and is the first European record fair and swap focused only on underground vinyl This year it takes place on the 5th of October at SO36 in Berlin, Germany.

Besides being a record swap, Underground Europe works towards creating a community of independent vinyl enthusiasts, providing a place where once a year they can meet, exchange records, listen to music and chat about it. A place where they can get in touch with people who run record stores, mailorders, record labels, play in bands, or are just big underground vinyl fans. 

UNDERGROUND EUROPE is both a record fair and a record swap. On one hand, you have exhibitors from all over Europe with stacks of secondhand and new vinyl. On the other hand, you have random visitors bringing in their vinyl to trade and bargain with other visitors or exhibitors themselves. If you are dropping by, bring a box of vinyl you no longer appreciate to trade it with something you might like.

This year the program includes presentations for 3 different books. Punk Matters is a collection of interviews with punk luminaries like ian Mackaye, Ray Cappo, Jello Biafra, Henry Rollins, Russ Rankin, Greg Bennick,... Poetry In Punk takes a closer look at bands´ lyrics and the meaning behind them. Dritti Contro Un Muro is the newly published bible of Italian HC/Punk of the 80s. On over 500 pages with 140 protagonists interviewed, the book covers bands like: Negazione, Indigesti, Nabat, Raw Power, Wretched, Peggio Punx, Rappresaglia, Cani, Bloody Riot, Basta, CCM, ... Heavily fraught with photos, concert flyers, record and tape covers and more, the book presentation will be accompanied with an exhibition of Italian HC/Punk original 80s live photos. 

We are looking forward to meeting you at UNDERGROUND EUROPE!

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